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Origami Pencil

Learn how to make a very easy origami colour pencil / crayon. To fold this paper pencil, you need only 1 minute and one rectangle of paper. For best results, use paper with one white side and one colored side (origami paper, or gift wrap for instance).

If you want your pencil to be longer, just start with a longer rectangle (in the video I use a half square so that it's easier to see the folds, but a 1/4 rectangle will give you a longer pencil).

This origami pencil is a perfect DIY / crafts project for back to school: the crayon is very easy to fold, with only 5 simple folds. It's great for all kids of school age.

It is very fast to fold, so you can easily make a whole box of pencils / crayons of all colors.

For fun, you can also fold giant crayons! A lot of gift wrapping paper is white on one side, so you can cut very large rectangles and make huge pencils. You can use the pencils to decorate a bedroom or a school class, give them to a teacher etc.

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How to make an origami Pencil

Here are the step-by-step instructions to fold a Pencil.

Pencil - step 1

1. Origami Pencil.

I hope you like this origami pencil how-to video. Please share it! :-)

If you like the origami animations I am making (no hands and fingers hiding the folds), also look at my other videos: there is an original origami heart, and also cute origami animal faces: traditional origami models like a dog and a cat, but also an origami monkey that I designed.

I wish everyone a great back-to-school! :-)

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Video instructions to make a Pencil in origami

Here is how to create a paper Pencil:

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