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Origami Monkey Face

Original model created on 24/02/2016 - Published on 26/02/2016

The Monkey Face is a very cute and very easy origami model that I designed for this year Chinese New Year (2016, Year of the Monkey!). In a few folds, you can create the head of a young monkey. Some of the folds have no specific location, so you can make the ears more or less big, and the corners of the head more or less round. And you can make a paper monkey head of the color you prefer.

Monkey Face
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How to make an origami Monkey Face

Here are the step-by-step instructions to fold a Monkey Face.

Monkey Face - step 1

1. Origami Monkey Face.

I hope you like this young monkey head! This is the 3rd animated folding tutorial I have created for my YouTube channel Origami Channel. What kind of other models would you like to see next?

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Video instructions to make a Monkey Face in origami

Here is how to create a paper Monkey Face:

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